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 Release God's Power And Blessings In Your Life!

Jesus Maymi has had a successful career as an entrepreneur in the financial services business for more than 25 years. Since being a born again Christian from 2003, he has empowered many through his writings, or speaking engagements, before congregations or businesses, or through his outreach in shelters and prisons. His ministry has truly been a blessing to many souls in need of God's saving grace.    

“The Entrepreneur’s Devotional is a unique read. The author, Jay Maymi, weaves biblical principles into critical areas of business ownership. All professional salespeople, relationship-marketers and business owners will benefit from reading this inspired book. I highly recommend it!” 

​MJ Durkin, Author of “Double Your Contacts” and the creator of Recommendation Selling™. 

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"The Entrepreneur's Devotional" - 25 Biblical Principles for Business Success - By Jesus Maymi
Every seasoned veteran of entrepreneurial enterprise, as well as a budding new one, looks for advantages to building their businesses. While there are many great resources in the marketplace to help ...

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"The Entrepreneur's Devotional is a very thorough and very well thought out book. The author did a great job in bringing this back to the principles in God’s word. This was by no means a flip flop project because the author kept it firm to The Lord. It is a terrific work and will be a hit".

Robert Guerrerio, President, RSG Caulking, Mammaroneck, NY

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