Where will be our eternal resting place?
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Where will be our eternal resting place?

There are two types of kingdoms; one is the kingdom of darkness which is where the devil dwells; and then there is the kingdom of light where the heavenly host dwells; take into consideration that the heavenly host is way more in size and vastly more powerful than the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of darkness came to do one thing and that's to kill steal and destroy.....the kingdom of light is here to save....so if you are thinking what I am thinking at this moment....then you are right we are in a massive warfare for souls....we are in a battle field fighting for our eternal resting place. Are we real? yes sooooo that means that the devil and God is also real....what does that mean....we are in great trouble and a heap of hell if we choose the wrong side.... When bad things happen to us we tend to blame God and forget that God does good things for us and that he does not oppress; and we never really blame the devil; we then get mad at God and get on the devils side and do his will....just exactly as he intended for it to happen.....now you are on the devils side....what do you do? the answer is you help the devil destroy you.....One great destroyer is sexual immorality yet the world embrace it sooo greatly and with soooo much love.....so what does it do it kills the body soul and mind; meaning you are spiritually dead to God, he cannot dwell in your temple;  this is what sex does to you when it is taken out of the right context. Some say ooooh but I don't want God to dwell with me any ways!!!! well guess what happens when God does not dwell with you you now automatically enter over to the devils kingdom......then all bets are off then what ever happens happens in that kingdom...and its a kingdom that comes to kill steal and destroy; so you should already know..its gonna steal your joy your peace and anything that is good;;; and then eventually it will steal your life....no you wont be popular sating things as they are; but what is best? stating what is true or stating what you think everyone wants to hear...I thought we have freedom of speech or don't we?

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