Satan Deceptive Plan! Part30
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Satan Deceptive Plan! Part30

Satan Deceptive Plan! Part30
Beware Of False Teachings

The Signs Of False Teachings
Deny the trinity of God. Deny that God is one eternally. Redefine God to Man's image, and say's that there are many gods. 

Say's that man may become a god, man only need to progress in order to become like God.

Say's that sin is only certain acts that through good deeds can be perfected, and that hell is non existent or bland punishment.

They will claim that Gods words has errors, they will also add additional scriptures, and continually change the meaning of scriptures. 

Promote the belief of denying salvation by grace, by the shed blood of Jesus on the cross, and by true repentance of sin. Salvation must be by works, or another system set up by the leader of the group.

Jesus is seen as not the son of God, but the son of a god.

The Holy Spirit is changed into a impersonal entity, or good force. The followers must deny God the spirit. Spiritism is having spirits visit you, and false miracles.

These groups are formed by man who claim to be God's one true spokesman on earth. Accountable to no one but God, and gives scripture and revelation.

Their group is considered to be the only true way to perfection, they constantly use the word truth, according to them unless you are an active part of their organization you are lost. 

You must deny the spiritual union of Christ followers.

You will be closed off from the outside world, you will perform secret rituals, and learn secret doctrines. Anyone who is not in your group is considered an outsider, the leaders will state that no one knows the truth like everyone in the group does. 

The leader will always test the loyalty of his followers, obedience is very important to the leader. The leader is considered to have all power. 

The only way to leave is by threats and excommunication. Fear, guilt and spiritual bondage is most common in this situation, and if you do get to leave you are cut off from the group.    
                                             To be continued.....

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