Satan Deceptive Plan! Part 62
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Satan Deceptive Plan! Part 62

Satan Deceptive Plan! Part 62
The Curse Of Jezebel And Ahab!
The Curse Of Ahab
Omri was Ahab's father and a idol/demon worshiper. Omri deeds were worse than all the kings before him, he set the standard for his son to follow. Ahab deeds were evil in the sight of the Lord, he did more evil than all that went before him, even his father Omri.

He married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians worshipers of Baal. Ahab was influenced spiritually by Jezebel so Ahab worshiped and served Baal. Asherah was the female god, and Baal was the male god.

Ahab told the prophet Elijah, that he was the one that troubled Israel, not him Ahab. Ahab would never take responsibility for his actions, but shifted blame for his and his fathers problems, he also persecuted the prophets.

Ahab told Jezebel about Elijah killing the prophets of Baal. Jezebel then vowed to kill Elijah, he allowed her to peruse him.

Ahab was disobedient to God, he did not follow Elijah's prophecies, and worshiped Baal. He was greedy, he grieved over not getting Naboth's vineyard. Ahab allowed Jezebel to steal the vineyard, when he heard of Naboth's death it did not worry him. He gave himself to Satan to do his evil deeds. 

  • Ahab children were affected by his deeds.
  • He hated the truth and the prophets of God.
  • He was willing to torture and imprison the Prophets.
  • He was dominated by his wife to do evil acts.
  • When he humbled himself before God, God forgave him. 
  • Ahab was willing and subtle to use Jehoshaphat as a decoy to be attacked.

Ahab daughter married Jehoram, he also did evil in God's sight, was crafty like Ahab and persecuted the prophets.
Ahab brought judgment and grief on the nation and on himself, he opened the door for idol worship to enter his home and his nation. He did not oppose murder for greed or for any other purpose.
Once a man get into the mind frame of Ahab, there will be a loss of manhood and fatherhood., He will accept more and more acts of a depraved nature.
Jezebel's acts were against God and his plan. Ahab refusal to oppose Jezebel gave her consent and he is then an accessory to her crimes.
Satan's evil desires are seen in the evil acts of men, he influence man from the outside and control him from the inside. We must be careful what we allow to influence us because demons will hope to gain control through the influence.
Ahab married a woman devoted to everything that God forbid and hated. This opened a breach over Israel through which the devil gained vast power and flooded Israel with evil.
A man that is opposed to God who submits to his wife or any other women, can open the door for evil to befall his family.    

                                        To be continued..........
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