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Azeta PG 4

Azeta PG 4

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"Not yet?" I said, my voice cracking slightly. He proceeded to bow, "Please to meet you princess!" 
"Princess?" I am no princess, you have got it all wrong, I am just a ordinary girl. who fell by accident into your world." I said. Emerald look sternly at me. "No accident my princess I was the one who opened the portal that brought you here." I stepped back looking confused and a little worried. "Your name is Azeta from the Emerald kingdom." Emerald said. "I was named by your mother the queen, she saw it fitting to give me the honor of naming me after her kingdom seeing that I was the guardian of her only daughter." I couldn't quite come to grips with this, was I dreaming? I pinched my arm. No luck of that I was awake. I looked closely at him. "So you are telling me that I am a princess named Azeta from the Emerald Kingdom?" Emerald nodded his head. "I am afraid so princess." He motioned for me to come closer. I stayed put. Emerald motioned again. "I will not harm you, I am here only to protect you." He said. I hesitated, then I slowly walked towards him. "You have a birth mark on your upper left arm arm, its pretty much invisible to the natural eyes, but if you look close enough you can see it." Emerald took my arm and showed me exactly where the mark was, and he was correct it was there. "Where am I?" Looking around, and then back at Emerald. "Oh yes" Emerald said. "We are in the silver forest" Emerald looked straight ahead. "We have five dimensions to cross before we reach your kingdom, they where connected before, your father Philip cast a most horrible spell and separated them, now we have to use portals to get from one place to the other. It all began when your father killed his half brother, placed an enchanted spell on your mother and took over the throne, he separated the kingdoms so that they could never unite against him. When the kingdoms unite they can be quite powerful, but separated they become quite weak, and in turn is no match for the king and his powerful dark magic. " 
"Where is my mother now" I asked. "She is in a safe place" Emerald replied. "You will soon get the chance to see her" He said. "The kingdoms are not in their normal state, and we only have a limited time to restore them back. If we don't do so quickly, they will stay this way forever. And only with your help we will be able to reconnect the kingdoms and defeat the king." Emerald began to walk. "Princess we must move quickly, before the king realize that someone opened the portal to earth and come looking for us."   
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