Azeta PG 5
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Azeta PG 5

Azeta PG 5

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"We have five things to get before we return to the Emerald Kingdom." Emerald said. "They are five artifacts that are located in a different area in each dimension, we must find them, and each must be placed in the hand of each royal family, from the five different dimensions including you in order to break the curse." Emerald while walking stopped abruptly and turned towards me. "Princess I must make this clear, always be alert this world is not like your world there are many dangers here. Whatever you believed to be a fairy tale is very quite real here." I watched Emerald closely. "Your father has released many dangerous creatures, and they also have the power to jump from one dimension to the other." 
"I did not sign up for this crap." I said. "Princess stay focused it is your duty and an honor to save the kingdoms." Right, if I don't die in the process I thought. "Your skills will come naturally to you, there are many things that you will be able to do in this world, that you could not quite do on earth. All the royals have this natural essence, which is the source of your powers, but you princess is the most powerful of them all. Your birth was foretold a long time ago" Emerald said. I looked forward to see the entrance to a cave. "According to my map the first artifact is somewhere in that cave." Emerald said while scanning the map. We entered the cave, this was no ordinary cave, well not any cave that I have ever seen. The map began to glow leading us to a corner in the far right side of the cave. Emerald placed the map back into his bag and started to open the little compartment in the wall of the cave, and there it was. Small enough to fit in my hands, its markings seemed quite old, as we began to remove the object an image appeared. "This must mean that the visions were real and the war has begun. Princess we have prepared everything that you will need in five different locations, one in each dimension, be careful and may the powers be with you." The image suddenly disappeared and then it was just the two of us again. Emerald placed the first object in his bag and motioned for me to close the compartment, that's when it appeared I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a beast with teeth all around his face, his body is filled with rows of scales, out of his mouth comes burning light, smoke flows from his nostrils. It began to advance toward us slowly, with no where to run I began to panic.                                                                  
                                            The Novel Azeta Coming Soon.......

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