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Script Writing One On One PT 24

Script Writing One On One
Structure PT 1
Structure is the most important aspect of screenwriting. There are times when you get a brilliant idea, but it seems you cannot find a way to tell the story, this is where structure comes in; with out it you would have nothing more than an idea. 

Script Writing One On One PT 23

One On OneScript Writing


What is a log-lineIt is simply a one or two sentence description of your story.
It is very important to create a log-line for your storyyou may want to sell the idea to an agent who in turn will need to sell it to the studio. 
Look in your local TV guide or newspaper for ads that promote television shows or movies for example of log-lines, they are the short enticements that encourage you to see a show or movie.  

Script Writing One On One PT 22

One On One Script Writing
Is Your Story
One of the task of a screenwriter is to plug holes in
your story during the treatment stage, before you write your screenplay. You really do not want to finish your first draft and then realize that you have gaping
problems. You need to ask yourself could this or that really happen? You don't want your story to wander too far off from reality.

            Film Treatment

Script Writing One On One PT 21

Script Writing One On One

Take SeatAnd Begin To Write!
There Has To Be A Reason Your Character Is Going Through All This Misery!Some characters would walk away rather than face such misery.This is why your character's need must be established,and the stakes must be raised.You should make sure your character can do nothing but move on.

How Does Your Main Character Change?After the hell and high water you put your character through they better change.It's how they change that matter,that'

Script Writing One On One PT 20

One On OneScript Writing

How Much

Will Your Movie Cost To Make?

You don't want your character's eating breakfast in Hong Kong, lunch in France, and dinner in Hawaii, because by the end of Act 1 you will have spent your budget.Do you have to take your characters to Hollywood to discover what they could just easily find down the block or in their backyard for a fraction of the cost? Not locations but characters make good movies. You can take uninteresting characters to a great location, and you will still end up with uninteresting characters.

Script Writing One On One PT 19

Script Writing       One On One

Will The Audience WantYour Characters ToSucceed?
Your characters will face big problems that they must overcome. Sure they will fall, make mistakes and have self doubt, but they will also hopefully learn and grow as well.The main thing is that they never give up, even when their situation seems unbeatable. No one likes a quitter so this way the audience will pull for them. 
Will Your Audience Be Able To Identify With
Your Location?
When you look at your location you should consider

Script Writing One On One PT 18

Script Writing

One On One

Yesterday's News
Don't write a story about yesterday's news,such as riots or natural disasters.Usually the news media will take all the excitement out of them,but if you do have a unique angle in which to tell your story you might have something that might interest producers and your viewers. 

When To Begin Your Story
If you are contemplating when you should begin your story,your story should begin at the last possible minute.Your viewers don't need to see months of events leading up to your story

Script Writing One On One PT 17

Script Writing

One On One
Too Many MainCharacters
Too many main characters does not work well in ensemble movies.In a two hour movie it is hard enough developing one character.If it is your goal to write a good movie,take your four or five vague characters and transform them into two dynamic charactersIt will be far more interesting to follow two believable characters than five bland characters.

LetYourCharacter Expand
Give your character the chance to expand.Your characters will do things you never expected them to do

Script Writing One On One PT 16

Script Writing
One On One

When thinking about creating your main character you must consider how deeply can your audience relate to your character. 

A way in which to create sympathy for your main character is to make him or her a victim of some undeserved misfortune.

What does your character want? Your character must get into great trouble going after what he wants. Movies are about characters who are in pursuit of something that to them is worth fighting for. 

Your character must act, they will make mistakes and take wrong turns its o.

Script Writing One On One PT 15

Script Writing One 

Your character belong to two worlds, the past and the present. His or her past world begins from birth up until when they are introduced in the screenplay,and the world in the screenplay is your character present world. Click below to get some information about the type of questions you should be asking about your character.
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